Alpha Shoota
The ACS is the main rifle used throughout the demigod world. The main fractions using it are LOA and GAO


It is a fully automatic assult rifle. It has a strong stock and a thick heatshield so its very good in melee combat. It has impressive firepower. It is built tighter around the bullet reciever to improve accuracy but the springs and other internal workings are built much looser so it wont jam. This combination creates a both reliable but accurate weapon.

It uses a gas tap system so it is kept cool longer and kept clean much longer,

It works by sliding the Ammo Pack into the gun then pulling the pin on the side and pushing it back. It will then fire.


  • Demigod Modle

The most basic and versitle ACS modle. It has a built in grip and Holographic Sight or ACOG Scope. It has a bronze or silver paint-job

  • Hades Modle

A stealth ACS modle. It has either a holographic sight or a Thermal Sight, it also has a silencer. it has a black paint job

  • Orc Modle

A mid to close ranged ACS modle. It has a Masterkey and a Red Dot Sight or Holographic Sight. It has a grey paint-job

  • Black Orc Modle

A close range ACD modle. It has a strong rugged bayonet, a different butt-stock to make it better to use as a sword and a Red Dot Sight. It has a dark grey paint-job.

  • Minotaur Modle

Another very basic modle. It has a Grenade Launcher and a either a Holo sight or a RDS. It has a bronze or silver paint-job

  • Dragon Modle

This modle is only used by LOA riders. It uses Decimation bullets and is blessed with greater accuracy and stopping power. It has an effective rail system which allows the rider to use whatever attachments he/she wants.


This versitile weapon can be used in any sitchuation in any enviroment. It hits very hard in both ranged and melee combat. It will stay working in the most hostile sitchuations. It can go a long time without a cleaning.

Its simple design, reliability and ruggedness makes it the perfect for any mist-hidden fraction.


Its design based off of an Orc assualt rifle which is called a Shoota. It was then modified to be like a cross between an AK-47 and the M4 carbine.

It is not ment to be better then either mortal weapon but better for demigods to use.