Ancient Greek is the language they spoke in ancient Greece. Dyslexia is caused by Half-Bloods being "hard wired" to read ancient Greek.

Ancient Greek Letters
Uppercase Letter Lowercase Letter Name Sound
A a alpha a
B β beta b
γ gamma g
Δ δ delta d
E ε epsilon e
Z ζ zeta z
H η eta e
Θ θ theta th
I ι iota i
K κ kappa c, k
^ λ lambda l
M μ mu m
N ν nu n
ξ xi
0 ο omicron
π pi p
P ρ rho r
Σ σ sigma s
T τ tau t
Y υ upsilon y, u
Φ φ phi f, ph
X χ chi ch
Ψ ψ psi ps
Ω ω omega o

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