Angles of Olympus
Angles of Olympus


"For Olympus!"




All Greek Gods


White and Gold

"For Olympus we march. For Olympus we fight. For Olympus we defend. For Olympus is Might!" -Angles of Olympus battle poem

The Angles of Olympus are the first and most powerful Alpha chapter. They have no patron god as they serve all of olympus. Their fortress is built right into Olympus itself. It will then move with it as western civilization moves.

They are the modle chapter, their dedication to the gods and vesitility in combat is unmatched by most other chapters.

Chapter Recruitment/TrainingEdit

The Angles of Olympus are almost totally made up of Demigods. They will take in any demigod from olympus as a recruit. The training is held throughout olympus in many of the temples and grounds. They use the best battle simulaters in all of LOA for their training. For their final tests they send the recruit into the most hostile areas of New York to survive a month. Weither finding a job, killing a criminal, joining a gang for a short time, they must survive and kill someone who diserves it.

Chapter OrganizationEdit

Chapter AppearanceEdit

The chapter's armor always has alot of gold and white. Capes are very common as are cloaks wrapped around the armor. The chapter's symbol is a simple Omega which is already found throughout olympus.

Chapter Combat DoctrineEdit

Chapter BeliefsEdit

Chapter HistoryEdit


Notable MembersEdit

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