Athena Portable-Personal-Computer

The Athena PPC is a very powerful and expencive piece of equipment. It has all the power, data space and uses as a high quality computer but in the size of a ipod touch. All GAO squads are issued a single A-PPC it is given to the Tactical Officer of the squad.


  • Stygium casing, which gives it extra durability
  • Satilite phone, radio and internet
  • Hologram Projector
  • Signal Jammer
  • Singal Anylizer
  • Substance Anylizer
  • Powerful calculator
  • Any aps from itunes
  • HD Camera
  • it all works on a network that cannot be tracked by monsters


Every squad in GAO has a single Athena PPC. It acts as a communication node for all their equipment, information storage, connections to command and when not in war a source of fun and confort.

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