The Basic Squad of LOA is a very verstitle fighting team. They can be effective in almost every situation and operation. They are armed with a varaity of weapons from the simple combat knife to the powerful assult rifle. Unlike their Combat Squad brothers who are armed with sword and shield, the basic squad can be effective at all ranges.

The Squad is made up of 8 marines. To be selected for a Basic squad means you are a level headed soilder who have shown great skills in a mix of both ranged and melee combat. Qualites officers look for in a basic marine are versitiliy, the ability to stay calm under pressure, loyalty and creativity.

The Sergeants of a squad are an experienced soilder who is either already a veteran or very close to becoming one. which is often shown with an emblem on the arm or a laural wreath painted on their helmet. The Corpral is not a veteran by any means but he/she is however has expreience of leadership talents that cannont be ignored.


Most soilders in a basic squad are armed with a Slayer Assult Rifle, a handgun, several grenades and a combat knife. The sergeant is usually equipted with a sword and pistol of a sort, the corpral is armed with the same weapons as the rest of the squad. Two soilders of the squad may be armed with other weapons. They may be armed with either a Launcher, Laser Cannon, Blaster Cannon, Flamethrower, Machine Gun or Sniper Rifle.

It is known for squads to carry other weapons with them like a battle-shotgun or wield blaster rifles instead of assult rifles.


The basic squad fights in much of the same manner as modern mortal soilders. Moving from cover to cover and fireing as they go. The difference is the marine him/herself with the advanced armor and the inhanced body. They can shrug off almost everything mortals have from a 50.caliber bulllet to an RPG. This is why several chapters are devoted to keeping the peace on earth.

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