was a hero and, a son of Poseidon.


Bellerophon was born in Corinth from the king's wife and Poseidon. In his youth he captured the original Pegasus with the help of the goddess Athena. After he was exiled from his homeland for murdering a relative, he went to the court of King Proitos in Argos. There Proitos' wife fell in love with him. When he rejected her, she told the king that he had tried to rape her. So King Proitos sent him to King Iobates in Lykia with a closed letter he wasn't allowed to read. In the letter was the request to kill him. Lobates didn't want to do this himself, so he commanded Bellerophon to slay the Chimera. When he accomplished this task, King Lobates made him do many other difficult tasks, in which he all succeeded. Then the king recognized him as a Demigod and welcomed him into his house as heir.

But Bellerophon was still not satisfied. He wanted to fly to Olympus on Pegasus. Zeus was angered by this insolence and sent a wasp to sting Pegasus. The wasp did this and Bellerophon fell down to earth, though Pegasus managed to keep flying. Crippled, he wandered the earth, despised by man. He died as a hermit.

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