The Big House is a large blue house which serves as the main administrative building at Camp Half-Blood, Mr. D, Chiron, and other Camp Half-Blood staff members including all cabin leaders of each Olympian gods and goddesses usually have their meetings there and it serves as the infirmary for the camp. There are four floors, a basement and an attic in the big house. It also has a fireplace in which it is lit up depending on the mood of all of the demigod campers. It is home to Mr. D ,Chiron and Argus . All new campers go here to see the orientation film, as well as meet Chiron and Mr.D.


The Big House was part of Camp Half-Blood for a long time. It had red paint during the 80s' through the early 90s' but has since been painted blue.

Rooms in The Big HouseEdit


Wounded demigods would usually go here for treatment or healing. Most likely staffed by the Apollo cabin because their father, Apollo, is the god of medicine besides being the god of the sun, music, and the arts.


The attic is the home of many things. It held many trophies that demigods got from monsters and other situations such as long ago quests that many different have taken. The attic used to hold the (or what was left of it), which told for the quests of the campers.


Where Chiron and Dionysus play Pinochle most of the time.

Chiron's office and apartmentEdit

Where Chiron has his room and does official business from his desk; has a record player and a full screen video (where the orientation film watched by all new campers is located). Chiron's apartment is also located here as he lives and gives training to demigods at camp.

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