is a special rare metal alloy used to make Dragon Rider swords. It was created by a female elven blacksmith who used iron from meteorites, as well as special metal-enchancing spells, to forge this unique metal. 


Weapons made of Brightsteel are three times lighter than steel and stronger than any titanium alloy. It should be noted that unlike Celestial Bronze or Stygian Iron the magical properties do not originate from the metal itself, but from special enchantments made during the forging process. Also it is less effective against most monsters as it doesn't provide instant-kill hits like Celestial Bronze weapons. However its useful in that Brightsteel weapons are capable of penetrating magical defenses and armor, making it useful against magic wards and heavily armored monsters. Also bladed weapons made from this metal will never rust, and will retain their sharpness-which is enough to cut through iron like butter. 

Chemical Symbol: FeCa* ('*' means is a magical Alloy)


Brightsteel is the chosen metal for Dragon Riders weapons and armor.