a powerful anti-personel tank.


The Armor is made of Stygium. It has an anti-infantry turret on top. it has two lazer cannons on each side and two on the back. Its powered by a very powerful rechargeable electric engine which powers its two belt treds and its weapons. The only opening in its armor is the hatch on the top or the small cameras that the gunners, cannon controler and the driveer use.


The Chimera Tank is best used to take out the enemies themselves. Its very good at clearing out enemies or simpleing overwelhming they're formations. With all the cannons and turrents on the Chimera and its powerful armor being outnumberd dosent mean much.


The original idea was from the star wars AT-TE. While the Hydra Tank is ment to be used against fixed defences the Chimera is used against enemy personel.