Death Tollers
Death Tollers






Hades, Nyx, Melione


Black and Blood Red

"For death we march! For death we cause! To death!"

-Death Tollers

The Death Tollers are an Alpha Chapter devoted to causeing untold casualties and brutality to their enemies. Their patrons are Hades, Lord of the Underworld, Nyx, Goddess of Night and Melinoe, Goddess of Ghosts. They specialized in brutal, gory melee combat.

They are the only chapter who is stationed in the Underworld. When not in war they help manage and keep safe the underworld.

Chapter Recruitment/TrainingEdit

The Death Tollers only recruit demigods or Hades, Nyx and Melione. All recruits are taken to the underworld where the chapter's fortress is loacted. Along the river Lethe these cadets train and learn to become members of the legion. By the end of the training Death Tollers are so extremely conditioned by their home of the underworld that they truely dont know fear. They know horrors by the time they can walk that make them prepared for the horrors of war.

Chapter OrganizationEdit

Chapter AppearanceEdit

Chapter BlessingsEdit


Chapter BeliefsEdit

Chapter HistoryEdit


Notable MembersEdit

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