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Hercules, a famous demigod

, also known as Half-Bloods, are a species of superpowered humans. All demigods are the offspring of a god and a mortal. All demigods wield powers connected to the domain of their divine parent, and these abilities grow stronger with age. In general, they are a species of "sub-gods" who willingly assist their god parent and/or the gods themselves. Many have become great heroes, kings, lords, dictators, ect...

Some demigods can be the son of both a god and a mortal man (such as the case of Theseus, whose mother laid with both Poseidon and King Aegis on her wedding night). It may also be possible for a demigod of two gods if the mother lays with both. It may also be possible for a demigod to be three-quarters god, the child of a god and a demigod (half-blood). A child of two demigods, or a demigod and a mortal is known as a Legacy, and may have powers though they dilute with each generation.

Demigods possess some degree of their godly parent's' power, and grow stronger with age. They are usually found by satyrs during there pre-teen years.

They are escorted to Camp Half-Blood  where they are placed into one of the twelve cabins, each honoring a different Olympian. While in Camp Jupiter/Zeus, the child will go to the Wolf House in California, to be judge by Lupa whether he/she will be worthy of Camp Jupiter. 

Most demigods wait forever to be claimed. Children of Athena are claimed at birth, while others have to demonstrate some form of their parents' trait to be noticed, either through cunning, powers, skills like archery, or even beauty. Otherwise, they are placed in Hermes' cabin, and since he is patron to travelers, anyone is welcomed there, including children of minor gods who aren't important enough to have a cabin. After the Second Olympian War, Percy Jackson has made all of the gods to recognize all of their children, and that each god gets a cabin at Camp Half-Blood.


Demigods are indistinguishable from humans. Because gods are pure supernatural beings don't have DNA, as such they don't inherit any non-human traits. They do not have a divine form being human, however they do inherit some traits from their god parent's divine form, for example, some demigods look alot like the human form of they're parent, usaully there eye or hair color.


The ichor in a demigod's blood stream gives them a distinct scent that all monsters can smell. There are ways to hide or mask the scent, but if a demigod realizes what he/she truly is, their scent will reach its peak. The scent of children of the Big Three is much more potent than those of lesser demigods. Us demigods are outcasts to mortals since their traits differ from mortals. Most demigods are unable to use their powers until they are claimed.


Demigods have ADHD and dyslexia.  Demigods inherit some control over their divine parent's domain, such as Poseidon's kids have the ability to manipulate water or Hephaestus's way with technology and tools. Demigods also have a wide variety of other abilities that they all share(though these traits vary with each individual), including superhuman strength, speed, senses, agility, durability, endurance, etc.

Demigods in other CulturesEdit

Roman DemigodsEdit

Roman Demigods, are a unique subset of demigods who train at the Roman Camp Half-Blood, which is located near San Fransisco. They are born when a god conceives a child with a mortal while in their Roman aspect. They naturally speak and read Latin, as opposed to Ancient Greek like other demigods, and are trained in the style of the Roman legions instead of Greek warfare. Like the Greek demigods, they are unaware of the existence of their counterparts at the Greek Camp Half-Blood in Long Island. This is due to conflict between the two groups back in the centuries, after which the gods manipulated the Mist as tightly as possible to stop the two groups from ever meeting each other again, although there have been some close calls. The head of their camp is an immortal she-wolf, Lupa, who originally cared for Romulus and Remus, the demigod founders of Rome. Little is known about her, the Roman Camp Half-Blood, or these demigods at this point.

List of Famous DemigodsEdit

  1. Celtichero Cuchulain
  2. Ansel
  3. Heracles (deceased, then made a god)
  4. Perseus(Deceased)
  5. Percy Jackson
  6. Annabeth Chase
  7. Thalia Grace
  8. Nico di Angelo
  9. Bianca di Angelo (deceased)
  10. Orpheus (deceased)
  11. Amelia Earheart (went on a quest to the sea of monsters, killed by Scylla)
  12. George Washington (Deceased)
  13. Harry Houdini (Deceased by chimera Poison)
  14. Adolf Hitler(Deceased)
  15. Bento Mousilini(Deceased)
  16. King Minos (Drowned by Friends of Daedelus)
  17. King Midas (Deceased)
  18. Araidene (Technicly Quartergod)
  19. Daedalus(deceased)
  20. Perdix (deceased)

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