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Welcome to the New Demigod Haven

Welcome to the Demigod Haven!

Daughter of the Oracle of Delphi and Prophecess of the Gods 13:04, September 19, 2010 (UTC)

This Wikia was created as a haven for demigods, claimed and unclaimed. In here you can catch up with your godly parent, find out what's going on in Olympus, ask questions, or get advice. Demigods Wiki is a collaborative website about demigods that anyone can edit! If you need any help, ask a local admin or other users like:

If you need to directly reach a god or goddess, ask around and someone should be able to get youn in contact with them.

Have fun half-bloods!

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This wiki is for people who do believe that they are demigods. We do not tolerate any bullying because of our beliefs. Bullying is not allowed. All vandals and flamers will be reported if they do harass us. Please do not delete any pages on here and say we are crazy and stupid. If you delete pages, we WILL report you. No swearing, there are children that look at this site. Chat for the site:

  • This is the New Wiki for Demigods, a Wiki without Drama and haters. Do not send this Wiki to anyone who has caused Drama before :D


We lay no claim to any of what is written on this wikia.

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