Draconic Empire

Type of Government



Codex Dracon

Head(s) of State

Dragon Lord and Lady


No information

Judicial Branch

Court of Rhea

"United we stand" -The Draconic Empire motto

The Draconic Empire is a vast and powerful kingdom found in the shadow realm known as Olympia Prime. it is ruled by the two gods of dragons who guide people looking for a new start, peace, freedom or anything in the values of courage, honour, intelligence, kindness and selflessness.

Government and PoliticsEdit

The Draconic Empire is a monarchy by definition. This form of government hasent been used effectivly in centuries. Only the god and goddess of dragons can govern and lead the empire. The people will not follow anyone else.



The empire use Drakes for currency. 10 Drakes are equal in value to a single Drachma.

Society and CultureEdit


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