GAO soldiers are the fighting force behind The Grand Army of Olympus. Each soilder has basic demigod training so is capible of fighting very effectively.

Each soilder is a member of a Squad and serves the squad by being trained in a certian field via Squad Class


All soilder receive a set of armor, weapons and gear that changes slightly depending on class. The gear may be personlized in any way as long as it relates to the squad's colous, symbol etc..


All soldiers get a set of Flak Series Armor. The combination is totally their choice. This makes the armor alot more effective for the certian soilder and still be ablt to mass produce the special sections of the armor.

Instead of dog tags soilders with get two name plates to weld onto they're armor. One with be they're full name the other will say what squad they're from. If they are a demigod they get a third that says they're god parent. They also get a steel badge that is welded over the heart to increase potection, the badge shows which squad class they are.

Soilders may trade in they're armor for GAO armor, such as the Crusader's Armor. Which is available to any squad. Other GAO armor sets must only be given to certian squads or certian people.


All GAO soilders recive the same kit of weapons. They may however swap some weapons for other weapons that serve much of the same function.


The soilder also receives a kit of survival, communication and other equipment that will help a soilder survive.