A basic explosive


A popcan sized explosive, made of strong ceramic. It has a ping which is pulled to activate the explosive. Most of the grenade is filled with liquid Greek Fire. It has a core filled with Black powder. When the pin is pulled gears scrape against the spark rock and spark a fuse that will last 2.5 seconds. The Greekfire is then lit and begins to heat up the black powder. When the black powder is hot enough it will exlopde scattering the sticky greekfire everywhere.


Its best used against groups of enemies or larger single units. A fast throw is very important. If you dont you probibly just killed your own friends.

It can be thrown into buildings to kill its occupants. The explostion should kill much of the enemies and the fire will absorb the oxygen and suficate any survivors.


Demigods have always used simple Greekfire grenades. They did not explode so the new GF Grenade is a better version of that design.