is the slang term for the Blessings that all LOA Marines recieve at age 13. Their other names are Genetic-Modes, Godly upgrade or Great Blessings. The whole point to these modes are to make the marines better soilders then anyone else. It allows them to compete with even the largest monsters and their dragon rider brothers.

In The Grand Army of Olympus some soilders are given gene-modes. However these modes are not as powerful and are only given to officers of the squad.

Basic ModesEdit

  • Rhea's Gifts: This blessing comes from one of the most powerful olympians. It helps keep them safe from harm of all types. It gives them the ability to cause instant bursts of blinding light and finally they almost always win a fight. However there is a difference between winning a fight and winning a battle.
  • Ares' Body: The blessing of Ares is what makes them so effective in battle, they have enough strength to rip a car in half and the endurance to withstand almost anything.
  • Athena's Mind: Athena causes the marine's brains to function with 50% rather then the normal 10%. They remember more, process more and think faster. It also gives them greater control over their own body and instincts.
  • War size:
  • ........ Reflexes
  • ........ Sences

Scout and Stealth only ModesEdit

  • ........ Stealth

Leader only ModesEdit

  • Zeus' Command(level 1-3)

Chapter ModesEdit

  • Heaphaestus' Skin:
  • Jennifer's Breath:
  • Poseidon's Speed:
  • Zeus' Wings:

Chapter Elite ModesEdit

  • Jennifer's Beasts:
  • Persephone's Seasons:
  • Herny's Storms:

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