The Grand Army of Olympus
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Zachary, Rhea, Zala





The Grand Army of Olympus is an army built to defend and fight for Mount Olympus. it is made up of demigods, automations, monsters and even mortals. Using advanced technology, magic and the will to win GAO fights then enemy of Olympus.

Organization and StructureEdit

Organization Structure
Title # of Troops Leader
Grand Army 2000+ Olympians
Legion 2000 General
Regiment 200 Commander
Platoon 40 Captain
Squad 8 Sergeant

Army RanksEdit

Special ForcesEdit

(Main Article: CHB Commando)

GAO Special Forces are known as CHB Commandos. they are the veterans of countless wars and quests. Often only a few more deeds to becoming a god. They use the most powerful weapons, armor, vehicles and blessings GAO has to offer. The are organized into teams of 5. They are no leaders in the team as they fight for a common purpose. They go on the most dangerous missions GAO needs.


All recruits go through the basic training of GAO. They learn unarmed combat, markmenship, armed combat and basic GAO technology. At the end of basic training all recruits either choose to become a pilot, driver or behind line worker or they choose to be screened from advanced squad training. Each soilder in a squad provides a unqiue role in combat. So in theroy a single squad can complete a mission on their own.

Each role has it's own training regime that demands only the best. Anyone who fails anywhere in training is recondition for a none squad role. This can include logistics, driving, piloting etc... If they pass the advance training they will join a squad.

Ground and Aerial Vehicles Edit



Heavy CavalryEdit

Light CavalryEdit

Combat Service SupportEdit

Aerial AssaultEdit

Mechanized InfantryEdit