Hebe is the goddess of youth, daughter of Zeus and Hera.


Hebe is one of the few children the married couple have had. She is the goddess of youth and performed the job of cupbearer to the gods, until she married Hercules; then she was replaced by Ganymede.

When Hercules became a god and came up to Mount Olympus, he and Hebe got married. This definitely upset Hera, her mother, who had tried numerous times to kill him because he was her husband's illegitimate child, from when he was born to when he became a god. According to other sources, she made peace with Hercules upon his ascension to godhood. One suggessted reason for this is he saved her from being raped during an uprising of giants known as the Gigantomachy.

So Hebe must have loved Hercules, and possibly might have been watching his adventures from her place in the sky. Hercules had one demigod son whose name is Leonides (pronounced LE-oh-ny-dis)

Hebe granted Iolaus' wish to become young again in order to fight Eurystheus, showing herself to be generous and kind.

Hebe had two children with her husband Hercules: Alexiares and Anicetus.

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