is the God of Thunder Storms and Heros. He was once the Demigod son of Zeus. He, along with his sister Rhea, has made it his life's work to protect all heroes who are true to the gods. His roman counter part is Felix

The Twins of OldEdit

The Twins of Old are so named because their fathers are the elder gods, Zeus and Poseidon. The Twins, Rhea and Henry, are the Patron Gods of Heros and Camp Half-Blood. They live in Camp Half-Blood, and protect it and the Heros who live there. The twins share a mother, who was the daughter of a demigod son of Ares and Athena. The Twins, however, do not share a father. Henry is the Son of Zeus and Rhea is the Daughter of Poseidon. The Twins of Old were born to end a war so small, that most demigods do not even know it happened.


The New Attack of KronosEdit

Kronos did in fact die when Luke did, but the Titan Lord remained attached to Luke's mortal body. When Luke was cremated, Kronos was set free, back onto the world. He snuck down to Hades and took control of the God of the Underworld. Kronos was possessing Hades and using his powers to cause havoc on the Underworld and to attack demigods and CHB. Kronos employed Echidna to bear more terrible monsters. Once Kronos felt he had enough minions, he attacked CHB. The Twins of Old stopped the Titans Lords attempt at the Camps destruction, and he was cast back to Tartarus by the Son of Hades, Nico.

Personality(Greek and Roman)Edit

Appearance(Greek and Roman)Edit


He has the same abilities of Zeus children, but he can also cause thunder storms and lightning. He has the tyipical powers of a god


The Children of Henry are excellent fighters and usually have the ability to control the weather, especially storms and lightning. They are alot like opptimized versions of Zeus kids.


  • Doug, 18
  • Zack, God of Dragons, 15
  • Briana, 15
  • Gavin and Trevor (Twins), 14
  • Lyndsey, Kelli, Frankie (Triplets), 14
  • Veronica, 12
  • Hannah, 11
  • Katherine, 11
  • Olivia, 8
  • Rich, 7
  • Herina, Goddess of Life and Death, Less than one year old

Roman Children:Edit

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