The Hesperides
The Hesperides
are the nymphs of the evening and partly the ocean who tend a blissful garden in a far western corner of the world, located near Mount Tamalpais .They are the daughters of Atlas and Hesperius.


The Hesperides guard The Garden of the Hesperides, to keep thieves from stealing Hera's golden apples. Hera doesn't trust them very much, and had a dragon with one hundred heads, Ladon, guard it.

There are currently four Hesperides, as Zoë Nightshade had betrayed her family by giving Hercules a weapon and aiding him in stealing the golden apples. She became a Hunter of Artemis after being disowned.

The Hesperides sing to the people that come to their garden, and convince them to dance with them. They will then 'dance' the person to death, unless it is a man. The Hesperides are fond of men, as they are not allowed to leave their garden and rarely get to see any men.


The Hesperides are very beautiful, with caramel colored skin, long, silky black hair, and volcanic black eyes. They wear white Ancient Greek chitons,and they speak in very old language that could be Ancient Greek.

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