Krios (Ancient Greek: Κρεῖος), also known as Crius and Kreios, is the son of Uranus and Gaia, the father of Perses, and the grandfather of Hecate. He is also the Titan of Stars and Constellations, associated with the constellation Aries. This was the first of the constellations springtime rising marked the start of the new year in the ancient Greek calendar. the Lord of the South and is known as "The Ram". Krios sides with Kronos in the Second Olympian War.


The least individualized among the Titans, he was overthrown in the Titanomachy.

Consorting with Eurybia, daughter of Earth Gaia and also Sea Pontus, he fathered Astraios and Pallas as well as Perses. The joining of Astraios with Eos, the Dawn, brought forth Eosphoros, the other Stars and the Winds.

Krios was inexorably involved in the eleven-year-long war between the Olympian gods and Titans, however without any specific part to play. When the war was lost, Krios was banished along with the others to Tartarus.

Second Titan WarEdit

Krios was on Mount Othrys when the Roman Demigods attacked. He was defeated by they're leader.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Krios was said to be wearing a set of ram's horns along with armour with stars on it.


Immortal ChildrenEdit


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