Marine helmet

The Helmet of the Marines

LOA Heavy Armor is worn by most LOA Marines. It is very bulky and very strong. With the marine's genetic modifucations they are big and strong enough to wear the armor and still be able to move with ease.

Characteristics Edit

The armor is made of ceramic plate covered in high strength Stygium. It is enchanted to be resistant to heat, wind, water etc... making it almost invincable. The shoulder/knee/elbow pads, most of he breast plate and the greaves are 22mm thnk. All other parts of the armor are 15 mm thick. The helmet and rest of the armor has sensors and radar built in so the soilder is always aware of whats going on around him/her.

The armor is designed for optimum movement and flexiblity. The shoulder pads are oversided and act as shields on both sides of the marine. The belly armor is like the plateing of the roman Lorica Segmentata.

The armor has a control panel on the greave that functions as a data collection device which provides with the marine of any information he needs. It also lets him control the communication technology within his helmet. The armor is powered solar power which i abosorbed by the helmet.

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