Dragonrider 2
"I used to be a rider... I lost my dragon to a murdering sycopath... i will not allow anyone else to feel that pain ever again. The Marines are how the best people join LOA. The Riders are how the greatest people join LOA"
-Zachary's thoughts on the Riders

The LOA Riders make up the most powerful and wise soilders in LOA. The rider's are the greates heroes in all of LOA. They stand with their marines brethren in the face of all evil.

A Rider's LifeEdit

A rider is taken to it's chapter's Fortress at a very early age. Most riders's are the children(male and female) of other marines or riders, gods or nobel people. When the cadets are brought to the fortress the chapter does their best to give them a hard but still good childhood, being taught and raised in the beliefs and ways of the chapter. When they turn 10 they begin their actual training, at this age they are brought to the chapter's dragon stables. If a dragon hatches to a cadet they are intergrated into the rider training regime. This does not totally seperated from the other cadets. All cadets meet at the end of everyday before lights out. This is to strengthen the bond between rider and non-rider.

Cadets who do recieve are trained in the art of war, peacekeeping, magic, technology and tactics. They are trained in a varaity of ways from simple schooling to advanced battle simulators. When a rider turns 13 he or she is paired with another rider with the rank of master. Masters no longer spend their time in the actual army and instead go on peace keeping missions. The Cadet then gains the rank of apprentice and goes with their masters on all kinds of missions and adventures. When the rider turns 18 they go through a varaity of trials to see if they are ready for the honour of joining the chapter's army. After many years of service and promotions a rider will be made a master. Who will then repeat the cycle for another rider.

After many years of being a master the rider may become a elder. An elder spent almost all their time in the Fortress running it, advising the Chapter Commander and training the recruits.


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