Lazer Weapons are a cheap and simple weapon. They rely on directing high-energy particles to cause damage to the opponent.

Characteristics Edit

All lazer weapons have several basic parts.

  • Lazer Core, fires the lazer
  • Power supply, supplies the power
  • Revolver, allows the cores time to cool
  • Barrel, improves accuracy
  • Trigger, controls the weapon

When the trigger is pulled energy from the power supply, usually in the form of a Battery Clip, goes through the lazer core and it fires for a tenth of a second. depending on the weapon they may automatically revolve to the next core and fire aslong as the trigger is squeezed, this is automatic lazer fire. When the core revolves and waits for the trigger is pulled again, this is semi-automatic one shot. There are other variants of the shots such as... 3 shot waves, 5 shot waves etc... To make sure the cores dont burn the weapon's wielder a powerful heat shield is put around the revolvers. In the middle of the cores is the wheel that turns the cores and a cooling device that keeps the weapons at a managable tepmerature

In tanks small anti-personel lazer cannons. These cannons can have one or two barrels. One barrel cannons with have one main core which is prown to over heat, the heat shield over the core has a special layer of magical coolent right around the core. With two barrels they also have one cores a barrel but the two cores work in turns to allow the other to cool. These ones also have a cooling shell under the heat shield. Making two barrels more effective for anti-personel attacks.

All lazers fire a minimum of a 10 volt lazer. larger cannons will have atleast double that.


  • Lazer weapons are used because they can pierce armor better then most projectiles and leave no trace.
  • The reason they must leave no trace is so that they cannot be tracked or studied by humans, which would expose the demigod world.

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