right now the legion doesnt have many members, so if we do have a call to war then we are spliting into five catagories warriors (run by me), archers (run by david), spies (corbin), rogue warriors (josh), and medics (un known)

there is at least one medic in everygroup. once we have 156 we will have just enought o make up the alpha squads which is 13 squads made up of tweleve people. the 13 squads each rep an olympian, in a squad there are two leaders a boy, and a girl (usually children of the god the rep), a politican (is already a weapon designer, rogue warrior, a medic, or a spy) ,2 weapon designers, 2 rogue warriors, 2 medics, and 2 spies, all of them are warriors though. the reason there is two of everything is because in extreme conditions the squad might split. 6 and 6

squad leaders: help with everything....basiclly sums things up XD

politican: is already a postion but is choosen to also be a politican. they help the leaders decied on something, if the leaders cant.

weapon designer: kind of explains it self.....

rogue warrior: these guys have extreme stealth, and kil the bad guys with it.

spies:.....also sums its self up.....

medics:......sums its self up.....XD


Josh here jsut adding more stuff






solider types there are 13 main squads that add up to a (idk how to spellit) they are class 1 or a or what ever then we have smaller squads that are also that god just they are class2 or b and so on there will be (all together) 13 main battalionsyes 13 main battalions that can be sub divided in to squads






ghosts:there are ghosts the they gp in for assasinations quick and silent black light armore sniper riffels and silenced smg's

hunters:t heres hunters the guys that go out to take care of nests of monsters they have camo suits with tridents nets and pistols

death soldier: thedeath soldiers are heavy armored knights that go in when there are really tough monsters they have assault riffels silver armour and heavy machine guns

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