Leonidas the Spartan
(Λεωνίδας in Ancient Greek) is a son of Hercules. He was the warrior king of sparta and the hero of The Battle of Thermopylae. He was a brilliant strategist and a powerful warrior. His spartan training and godly heritage made him a great hero.


As he grew up Leonidas went through the extreme and brutal Spartan training. At 480 BC he is a powerful war veteran and the ruler of sparta.

When the Persan king Xerxes mobilized his whole army against Athens, the city state made an out a call to all of Greece to stand up in arms and fight. Being refused the assistance, Leonidas was the only one willing to help them in the coming invasion. He then consulted the oracle of Delphi which gave him a prophecy.

"Oh Men of Sparta

Either Your Glorious City will be take by the sons of Persia

Or all Sparta must mourn for the loss of a king as an exchange

A King decendant of great Heracles"

Leonidas being a son of Hercules understood his call and so began his mission. He believes his sacrifice will save not only Sparta but all of Greece. But the city's elders weren't doubted of his capacities so they only allowed him to take a small force. He picked 300 of his best soilders and only one who has childrend of his own. He then marched his forces to Thermopylae to meets up with some thousands of free greeks, which then summed up his army to a total of 7000 man.

After the first 2 days his tactical brilliance and military proess shines, as his army kills 20,000 persans. On the last day he learns that the Persans found a pass to outflank them. He sends almost all of his greek allies away. All except the 300 and about 700 thespians. They hold the line for most of the day but he is killed by rain of Persian arrows light on fire.

"Leonidas fell in this fight. Having shown that he was a man of quality, like the heroes of old. There was a great battle over the body of Leonidas. Four times the greeks beat back the enemy and finally recovered the body by they're valor" -Herodotus

Leonidas' luitenent and the last of the greeks retreat with theire kings body into a narrower part of the pass. The Persians fired their arrows one last time, killing the last of Leonidas troops. After capturing Leonidas body, Xerxes ordered to mount his severed head on a spear.

Since this heroic battle, King Leonidas has been remembered as one of Greece greatest warriors, and one of the bravest man to ever set foot on the face of the Earth.


Leonides was a big man, he was incredibly strong and tall. He had a short beard and thick black hair. 


  • Incredible Leadership
  • Unmatched strength
  • Extreme battle prowess