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These creatures are the offspring of the Greater Gorgons. They are much more animalistic and dangerous then the greater ones ever could be.


There is an island in mediterranean called: Medusa island. It is probibly located in the Sea of Monsters. They can also b e found throughout the world in caves or abandonded buildings.


They can eat anything but prefer a carnivoris diet.


They can be very cruel creatures, but like humans they are all different. They commonly smell of lavender and are associated with the goddess of nature, Orerie.

They are constantly irate due to their inability to find shoes in their size.


They have a mix of human and reptile. They snakes are like independent animals and make terrible house guests. If a gorgon asks to be let in tell it to **** off. They each have their own brain, so can think independently, but are still link to the greater gorgons. 

Like Greater Gorgons they can petrify people unless you have on your person greek sandals, which they are deathly afraid of. 


Upper body of a human with snakes for hair and the lower body of a giant snake. I would rate them on average a 6/10, shame about the snake body.

Tips for DemigodsEdit

Do not look directly at them, try to use a mirror or something shiny.

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