Legion of Azhag
This is the official list of all LOA Chapters, created by the God of Dragons to protect his republic.

Prime ChaptersEdit

There are 4 prime chapters. Each designed for each of the four elements. They are the first to be founded and are the most loyal and powerful.

  1. Heat Bringers
  2. Tide Bringers
  3. Stone Breakers
  4. Wind Masters

Alpha ChaptersEdit

The Alpha Chapters are chapters designed after the Prime chapters. They are much more unique then the Primes but not as powerful.

  1. Angles of Olympus
  2. Death Tollers
  3. Frost Breaths
  4. Huntress's Children
  5. Iron Goths
  6. Ultramages
  7. Cyber Crusaders
  8. Terra-gaurdians
  9. Demons
  10. Asgaurdians
  11. Pharaohs

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