A very nasty set of Armor.


The armor is made of a light Stygian armor and Ceramic mesh plateing with a special underskin

It has bascially the same as Crusader's Armor except with a large backpack(molded into the armor), smaller elbow pads and knee pads and larger greaves with alot of hidden functions. The helmet of course is different in design and some functions. It also has a built in Kama

Backpack: The pack has Jet Packs. It also has compressed oxygen tanks just incase and plenty of ammo, power and supplies. The pack is molded to the armor and is made so it wont be too much of a annoyance in battle.

Greaves: The greaves have hidden inside a small flamethower, mini rocket launcher and a control panel which is used to control the suit. They also have small meele blades that can prove useful in a sticky sitchuation

Underskin: The underskin has a magically inhanced kevlar outerlayer and a inner layer with thermal control and shock absorbtion.

Helmet: It has a T-shaped visor and a sliding infer-red goggles. The targeting is far more powerful so mini rockets can track their targets.


Its best used for really dangerous special ops. Its mainly used by CHB Commandos or by very powerful squads.


Its based off of Star wars: Old the Republic' Bounty hunter armor.

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