is the goddess of ghosts, sometimes confused with Hecate.


Melinoe is a strange goddess, and her appearance is frightening. Her left side is black and hardened like a mummy, to represent her father, the dark god of the underworld, Hades. Her right side is pale and chalky as if she were drained of all her blood, to show the bright Persephone, her mother. She wears a golden dress and a golden shawl, and her eyes are empty black voids. However seeing her in this form is unlikely, being the goddess of ghosts to demigods (and presumably anyone with ghosts) she appears as the most tormenting version of them, haunting people in there nightmares and in person if ever directly confronted. The illusion is so strong that even when normal, her immediate victims still see her as the ghost.


Melinoe can take on the appearance of the dead people in a person's life, using guilt and anger from the person as an ally or as an advantage in battle. She then uses this to destroy them.


Melinoe is dissatisfied with Hades' rule over the Underworld, and the fact she cannot haunt the mortals of the human world every day. She opts for Kronos, as she is promised that she will be able to haunt whenever she wants. Her somewhat nasty personality could have been brought on by the bitterness of her parents seeming to not take much interest in her. This could have also prompted her switching of sides, as what she may have seen as a act of revenge upon Zeus inpaticular for not being there for her (though it should be noted her parents were never revealed in the book).

Though Melinoe seems heartless, she rather pays close attenion to her children, fearing that they will turn bitter to her. She helps her children with hard tasks and roots for whichever side they are on.


Melinoe has a few children which some are famous:

  • Joanne, with Apollo
  • Stewart Edward White
  • Lisa Williams
  • Sammy Smith, at CHB
  • Arthur Wilson, un-claimed