The basic ammunition for GAO weapons


Meta bullets are made from a varaity of materials making them both extremely effective against enemies but also moree expensive and harder to produce. The caseing is made of simple copper. The bullet itself is made of Celestial Bronze with the very tip being Stygian Iron. INside the bullet there are 2 cavities. The first cavity is a weak impact explosive, designed to exploded after the bullet has penetrated. The second cavity is filled with a varaity of anti-monster materials, this cavity is designed to break open when the explosive detonates. This causes untold damage to monsters.

Anti-Monster MaterialsEdit

  • Unltra-violet liquid
  • silver dust
  • holy water

These bullet's caliber changes from weapon to weapon, but most weapon types; rifles, machine guns etc... have a basic caliber.

Weapon Types/CalibersEdit

  • Assult Rifles: 5.56×45mm
  • Battle Rifles: 7.62x51mm
  • Sniper Rifles: 7.62x54mm
  • Pistols: 11.43x23mm
  • Submachine Guns: 9x19mm
  • Light Machine Guns: 5.56×45mm
  • Heavy Machine Gun: 12.7x99mm


Meta Bullets are the basic ammo for any bullet-fire weapons. With its combination of alloys and contents it can easily destroy a monster with one shot. Undead, Deamons and any other physical creature is turned to dust.


While Celestial Bronze bullets would kill many monsters. Some special species are resistant to it. With larger more powerful monsters requiring simply ignoring it. The Stygian Iron tip was added so it can pierce armor. The hollow bullet filled with it's contents was added so it can negate creatures who are more resistant to Celestial bronze