Nyx was the ancient greek goddess of Night. She is a shadowy figure in Greek mythology but from the extracts about her, it can be gleaned that she was a figure of great beauty and power. She was the female personification of the night, and a daughter of Chaos.


Nyx was born directly from the void of Chaos, and was the first Protogenoi, and so was the oldest intelligent being in the universe as Chaos did not have a consciousness. She was married to Erebus (Mists of Darkness) who is also her brother and had many children with him. She is the most powerful divine being, as she was a Protogenoi, and has six younger siblings: Chronos, Ananke, Gaia, Phanes, Phusis, and Erebus . A myth that supports her power is when Hypnos, the minor god of sleep and her son, fled Zeus because he put him to sleep on Hera's orders, so she could give great misfortune onto Hercules. Zeus found out about his involvement and chased him. Hypnos fled to his mother Nyx whom Zeus obviously feared as he held his anger at bay, not wishing to offend Nyx. Another myth is that Nyx's daughter, Hemera (day) left Tartarus when Nyx entered it, creating night and day. According to some greek articles Chaos did not exist and Nyx, in fact, was the first divine Entity, promoting her power and importance even more. Her son Moros(Doom) is mysterious as well, and is believed to be omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent, as he drives all things to their ends. One example is that Zeus cannot defeat him, another being that the Moirae(Fates ) serve him.

Nyx's ChildrenEdit

Nyx had many children:

From Erebus:

  • Hemera (Day) In other myths she is sister of Nyx.
  • Aether (Upper sky)
  • Epiphron (Prudence)
  • Thanatos (Non-violent death)
  • Hypnos (The sleep)

From Partenogenesis (by herself):

  • Hesperides (Nymphs of sunset, in other myths are daugthers of Atlas)
  • Momo (Satire)
  • The Moirae (Fates )
  • Apate (Deceit)
  • Ponos (Hard labor)
  • Moros (Doom)
  • Oneroi (the thousand personifications of the dreams)
  • Keres (fates of death)
  • Charon (Ferryman of Hades )
  • Philotes (Love and friendship)
  • Geras (Old age)
  • Nemesis (Retribution)
  • Eris (Discord)
  • Oizys (Distress)
  • Styx (Boundary between life and death. In other myths its daughter of Oceanus and Tethys )

From Cerberus:

By Uranus

  • Lyssa (madness)