Oceanic Steel
This odd metal is forged from pure ocean water (hence it's name), and it is extremely powerful against monsters and humans, but less so humans. Oceanic Steel is extremely shiny and has a blue glow to it, much like Celestial Bronze glows. The metal its self is blue and always cold. This metal is used in weapon and armor form mostly for children of Poseidon because it's so readily available in their father and Cyclops brothers home realm. Mortals and Demigods cannot create Oceanic Steel. It can only be forged by a god or by a Cyclops. A strange property of this metal is that when struck, any mundane substance will bounce off as if nothing happened.

Oceanic Steel will absorb any blow from your opponent. It forms to your body and bend with you, like a second skin. Magic weapons cannot damage this material. The steel will simply absorb any magic and give its owner the temporary immunity to it. For example, if a wearer of an Oceanic Steel breast plate walked near Kronos, they would not be affected by the time slow and they would be able to reverse the affect for a short amount of time.

Oceanic Steel, much like Celestial Bonze, can be forged into magic weapons. Some examples (These are all in existence and are owned by Children of Poseidon in CHB) of this are:

  • Metal bracelets that transform into shields.
  • Hair pins that transform into helmets.
  • Rings that transform into swords.
  • Necklaces that transform into amour and/or helmets.

These magical weapons have a special ability. Unlike most magical weapons that need to be touched to transform, Oceanic Steel transforms with voice command. The weapons transform at the command "Engage" and go back to their normal forms with the word "Disengage." Only the wearer of the of the weapon can engage its true form.