is the God of the Wild, hunting, and rustic music. The son of Dryope and Hermes, Pan appears as an old satyr with incredibly large horns.


Pan is the lost Lord of the Wild. An announcement was made that the great god Pan had died which was accepted by most, except for the satyrs and nature spirits. Like Satyrs, he was described as very lecherous, though this fact is absent in the series. Most satyrs dream of finding Pan and apply for a searchers license through the Council of Cloven Elders so they can go looking for Pan. No satyrs ever return from the quest, because of the Golden Fleece (see Polyphemus). Pan once had a musical contest with Apollo. King Midas, one of Pan's followers, judged that Pan was the winner, despite Apollo being the god of music. In retaliation, Apollo gave Midas the ears of a donkey.


  • Presumably, Pan has the standard powers of a god.
  • Can produce a panic.
  • Presumably has woodland magic.
  • He has the powers satyrs.
  • Is able to make artificial images of animals come alive, often accompanied by a wave of nausea by satyrs, or a breeze of springtime by humans.
  • Can command the Erymanthian Boar and other creatures of the wild.

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