Prophecies from history

The New Great ProphecyEdit

Spoken at 3:27 on September 11, 2010, but Mila, daughter of the oracle of Delphi, witnessed by the Olympians on Mount Olympus

The Son denied birth,

For his Mother was swallowed whole,

Shall seek his revenge on the entire earth,

Through fire and rain,

he shall begin his reign

As Past Tales of Future become present,

The King of the Gods,

Mustn't bow down or be Second.

The Goddess of Ghosts

Who will battle against Chaos,

And return from Death.

A daughter and Son of the Fallen God,

Join together to aid in the Destroyers Destruction,

But he will capture the Land of The Dead.

A war of the inner kind begins,

And a single Olympian,

Must forgive,

For the world to live.

Rhea, the mortal who isn;t actually Rhea.  The Father of The Titans,

Who was dethroned by his heir,

Shall seek revenge on the one with Silver Hair,

A Child of The Great Goddess shall fight alongside her friends,

But the hero of the ages must perish in the end.

The Greatest War of Time the World shall see,

And one decision chooses the victory.

Spoken by the Oracle of Delphi at 7:58 May 22, 2010 at Camp Half-Blood, Witnessed and Relayed by her Daughter, Mila.

The Elder Great ProphecyEdit

A Son of the Archer and the Protector,

Shall cause a split of the Orders,

A War of the Ages shall the world see,

Only one side to be shown Victory,

The God of Darkness shall reap great power,

And he shall destroy the Old Order.