Quest Series-Communication Gear: Iris Messenger Commlink


These devices are a small disk with 4 small projectors and 2 bottons on the side. These devices use the Iris Message frequency for communication. One botton on the side turns on the device. The device projects a hologram that acts like a rainbow. You then say who you wish to talk to and where they are. An image of the person will appear and you may speak to them much like when you were using an Iris Message. The messages are paid by a monthy bill mailed to ther persons home, which is paid in drachmas.

The second botton on the device turns it into a cellphone. It cannot be used in this form and is turned back into it's original form by ajusting the volume to vibrate.


These are moslty used by demigods on quests for communication. They are easily hidden as a cellphone.

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