Rome Empire
The Roman Empire is an empire located in Italy, a country in southern Europe. Its first emperor was Augustus, the nephew and adopted son of Julius Caesar. It was formed by Augustus after the disastrous end of the Roman Civil War that escalated when Julius Caesar became official dictator of the First Roman Republic after he ousted the other men in the Second Triumvirate.

Early historyEdit

The city-state of Rome was founded by Aeneas. After fleeing a burning Troy. Rome became a kingdom after Romulus killed the brother Remus both sons of Mars. The roman kingdom fell apart make the roman republic. 

First Emperor of RomeEdit

Augustus, the name Octavian took after he defeated Mark Anthony in a second civil war, returned to Rome, the capital of the now weakened First Roman Republic, triumphant. There, he was welcomed by the citizens of Rome and the Roman senators and was honored by the senate when they appointed him first emperor of Rome. Once emperor, his emperor ship begin the Pa Ramona, a period of Roman peace.

Rome the Capital of the EmpireEdit

Rome, located on seven hills near the Tiber River and now stretched to the suburbs from the original location, was originally the capital of the weak First Roman Republic. Once it became the capital of the Roman Empire, it prospered under Augustus's rule and the Pa Ramona.

The Stretch of the EmpireEdit

During the time of the empire, every emperor extended the boundaries of the empire until the boundaries had been stretched far, from Britain in the north, Spain in the west, North Africa to the south, and to the Middle East to the east.


As the barbarians closed in on the Empire it was split East and West. The last emperor to rule in Rome, Romulus Augustus was killed September 4th 476. The West fell yet the East ruled on for many more years as the Byzantine empire, till the Turks destroyed their capital.