Non-greek runes

Nordic runes

Runes are magical symbols, used to enhance or penalize something, foreseeing the future, and creating effects out of thin air.

What are Runes?Edit

Runes are magical symbols used to create spell-like effects. There are many different kinds of runes. Runes are drawn from special alphabets, wherein each symbol or letter means something. Examples are: Norse runes, Egyptian hieroglyphs, and Chinese characters.

Using RunesEdit

To use a rune, you need to draw him. When you are drawing the rune into an object (in a sword to let it permanently be cloaked in fire, on a gate to enstrengthen it, on the floor to be a death trap, etc.), you need a special tool called a stele. However, using runes in combat (something the old Viking mages were fond of), you draw the rune in air, using your fingers. Then, you create a fiery line where you finger goes.

Users of RunesEdit

Despite the fact everyone, with the right education, can draw a rune, only a select magical few can unlock the magical powers hidden within. Those are: children of gods of magic or script (Hecate, Thoth, Isis, Freya, Odin, and more), the Nephilim (aka Fallen Angels), dwarves (whose magic is based on runes and who are the greatest at useing them), Egyptian and Norse magicians, and a few more.