was the Titaness of the Moon, former Greek goddess of the moon. She has faded due to the laziness of the Romans, so the goddess Artemis took her place. Selene is the daughter of Hyperion and Theia and the sister of Helios and Eos. She pulled the moon across the sky with a silvery chariot pulled by two milk white horses. She is described as being a beautiful woman with a pale face and has a crescent moon above her forehead. She was the first moon goddess.

Love AffairsEdit

Selene was far different from Artemis, who replaced her, as she was a large flirt, taking on several different lovers, mortal and god alike. One day while pulling the moon, she spotted a shepherd, Endymion, and fell in love. She put him into eternal sleep so he may never grow old or die, and they had fifty daughters. The daughters ruled over each month that separates the Olympic games, since they happen every fifty months. She bore Zeus two daughters, Pandia , the shining full moon, and Ersa, the dew. Some stories also state she was the mother of the Nemian Lion with Zeus. She also may have had a relationship with the great nature god Pan, who deceived her by wrapping himself in sheepskin and offered her a ride on his back. While they were airborne, he attacked her.

Modern TimesEdit

It is said that Helios and Selene had faded due to the laziness of the Romans. They didn't want to build temples and make sacrifices for the god Helios and the goddess Selene so they gave their responsibility to Apollo and Artemis.


She presumably had the same powers that Artemis has over the moon.

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