is the Norse goddess of fertility and harvest. She is the wife of Thor. She lives in Asgard where the gods live, Its like the norse version of Mount Olympus.


At some point in Asgard, Loki played a prank on Thor and Sif. One night as they slept Loki came up and shaved away her golden hair. When Thor woke up he screamed in horror as his wife was bald. He instantly knew it was his half-brother Loki. He then went after him and took hold of him, almost crushing his bones. He then promices to get her new hair, made of pure gold, that grows as real hair. Thor released him and forced him to do it.

Loki went to the dwarves who made the hair of pure gold. They also made Odin's spear, Gungnir, and a collaspible ship for the Vanir Freyr. On his way back with the gifts he met the dwarven brothers Brokk and Eitri. Who were jelious of the workmanship of the gifts. Loki had them make a gift that would be better then them all. So they made Thor's magic hammer Mjollnir.

He then gave the gifts to the Aesir and peace was made.


Sif is a beautiful woman with long golden hair. She is alot like Aphrodite in build and shape.


Until the event with Loki she was very vai and arrogant. After the event she became much more humble and apriciative. But she is also very loving and caring.


Immortal Children:Edit

  • Ull(father unknown, adopted by Thor)
  • Thurd(Thor)
  • Modi



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