The Marksmen(also called Sniper, Longshop or hunter) of a GAO Squad is key to the versitility of a squad. They remain hidden and survie as both sniper, ranged assassin and anti-sniper


Potential Marksmens are put through a series of tests to see if they will make a good sniper. The tests are usually simple exersices to see if the cadet's body is ment for a sniper's role. This means they can slow their heart-rate and breatheing down on command and remain silent while bein in pain.

Once chosen to become a marskmen they undergoe intence conditioning. They are put under extreme physical and mental horrors then sent to the fireing range to see how well they did. They are also given an intence schooling of all types of long range weapons in the GAO arsenal. They are also trained to be able to build a varaity of long range weapons out of whatever is found in the surrounding area, this usually consists of a simple long bow or in the rare case a crude orc-like rifle.


In a full on battle it is the job of the marksmen to remain hidden and simply take out as many enemies as possible and doing whatever it takes to help the rest of the squad. In a Long campaign they often create new bows and arrows for their squad and help out whenever needed.

Depending on the mission the rold of the soilder may vary. Often the marskmen will be called to assassinate a specifect target. If that target can not be sniped then the Recon Officer will be sent in.