The Medic(also called Medi, Apothecary or "Apollocary")of a GAO squad serves to aid his/her squad mates in the case of injuries and wounds. When a soilder is down they are pulled to cover and treated quickly.


After basic training and a soilder is selected to become a Medic they undergo the most advanced schooling in GAO. He/she is trained like a modern emergency doctor.Along with any medical information for all non-humans in GAO. They also require very stressful training that makes sure they can deal with both the stresses of battle and so they can also give aid in the heat of a firefight. Often at the end of their training they are blessed by apollo.


The medic's role is very self-explaintory. They tend to the wounds of soilders in the heat of battle in the effort to save their life. They must not only save mortal and demigods but all manner of non-humans loyal to the gods.

Off the battlie field they are incharge of the squad's food rations and diet. In larger groups, like regiments all the medics will build a hospital.


  • QS-SG Medic Kit
  • It is recommended that they use a rapid fire ranged weapon as their primary.

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