Tactical Off
The Tactical Officer(Tactical, "Brainy" or "Book worm") of a GAO Squad is the most important soilder to the squad. They are incharge of all logistics of the squad, mission planning, battle strategy etc...


Potential Tactical Officers have the hardest schooling then any other soilder type. They are put through hours of schooling that teaches them strategy, tactics, logistics, organization and GAO technology. This happens along with normal soilder training that gets them ready for battle.

They must pass many tests before they join a squad. They have several written tests and some other physical tests. After passing they're tests they are given a blessing from Athena to give them an even better tactical mind.


The key to the squad-based army effectiveness is in the Tactical Officer. They direct everything that happends to the squad both on and off the battlefield.

Off the battlefield they are incharge of recording logistics; such as supplies, weapons, equipment etc... They also plan attacks with possibly the greatest affectiveness sence the great generals of old.

On the battlefield they use their War-Watch Drone which is basically a flying camera that can see in many difference mediums, to watch the enemy in mid-battle so that the squad is never caught off gaurd and they know exactly where the enemy is.

Often the Tactical Officer is assgined the role of Communication Officer, this works well as much of the information recorded by the tactical officer must be sent to Command.

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