A powerful Titanium and Stygian Iron combination. Its main use is for GAO weapons, armor and vehicles.


Swords made from this metal are light as a feather, it is stronger and tougher than any mortal-made steel alloy, as well as being diamond-hard. However it is not as effective as Stygian Iron or Celestial Bronze at killing living monsters, usually requiring more than one strike, but it is more effective against undead or spiritual creatures. Another unique property of this metal that helps reduce the disadvantage is that any wound cause by this metal will be heal at a half-speed, and if it touches a shadow of a living person or being it will pin them in place like an anchor. 


While less effective than Celestial Bronze against monsters, its light wieght and relatively cheaper forging process make it better used for arrows and armor. Since its made partly of Stygian Iron its effective against spirits and undead.