Support units are single units, groups or whole armies that help GAO squads. It adds more to GAO Forces so they can increase chance of victory or even overwhelm the enemy.

From GAOEdit

Some Support units are actually from GAO but do not join squads.


GAO produces a varity of Automations. These units do not have the true fighting prowess as GAO squads. But automations are ligitably expendable so they are given very agressive programming. They charge into the battle before squads so the squads have a better chance to live.

During Campaigns they will stand guard and protect the other squads during lights out. They use advanced radar and thermal tracking so they are very good at proteching the squads.

List of GAO Battle AutomationsEdit

Helper GrotzEdit

Goblins are naturally small and are almost always found scurrying around larger allies it would make sence and work well if goblins would march with squads helping them. Helper Grotz will be specialized to help with different things.

Grot EquipmentEdit

All Help grotz get a small AS-AG Xiphos, a QS-SG Backpack, a Helios 200 Rifle and armor made of Stygium. However some variants will have other gear.


  • Ammo Grot

An ammo grot carries large amounts Ammo packs and Battery Clips. They also help reload some weapons such as a launcher or a crossbow.

  • Ration Grot

A ration grot backpack is filled with QS-SG Rations. it also has other food and cooking supplies. They usually do the daily cooking for the squad.

  • Spotter Grot

A spotter grot helps snipers pick targets using very powerful, thermal binoculars.

  • Oil Grot

A oil grot carries a drum of fule on his back. This is for keeping vehicles in check.

  • Medic Grot

The assitant to the squad's Medic. The Medic Grot will carry more supplies for the medic. If the medic is unable to do his job at the moment his grot will do so in his place.

  • Shield Grot

A shield grot carries a large Athena Series Shield to help protect soilders in the squad.

  • Weapon Grot

A cleaner grot cleans and sharpens all weapons of the squad.

  • Logics Grot

A organitzation grot that keeps the other grotz in line and helps the Tactical Officer with other more intellectual things.

Outside GAO Edit

Some Support units are from outside GAO, most likely from allies of GAO.