Thor (from Old Norse Þórr) is the Norse god of Thunder, Lightning. He is famous for wielding his hammer Mjollnir. He is the protector of mankind and midgard(Earth). He is married to the goddess of fertility Sif. He lives in Asgard where the gods live, in a house called Thurdvang "field of Strength" which had 540 rooms. He is the son of Odin and Fjorgyn.


Thor is a giant muscular person. He looks like he could make Ares cry for his mummy, which he could. He has thick red hair with a thick beard. He's never seen without his magic hammer and if seen, riding into battle on his war chariot, which are pulled by two goats named Tooth-grinder and Tooth-gnasher


Thor has an extremely hot temper and will always get vengence. It is shown that he has a deep love for his wife and his children. He is very protective of the human race.


He has powers alot like Zeus. Control over thunder and lightning.

He has the standard power of a god

Symbol of PowerEdit



Thor's symbol of hammer is his hammer mjolnir.


Immortal Children:Edit

  • Ull(Sif, adopted by Thor)
  • Thurd(Sif)
  • Modi(Sif)
  • Mangi(Jarnsaxa)
  • Emperor Eillic Bauer Kozaks(Sif,adopted by Thor)

Demigod ChildrenEdit