Tide Bringers
Tide Bringers


"We hit like a storm and flow like water!"




Rhea, Posiedon


Dark and Light Blue

"Water is everflowing. It never stops, submits or surrenders. We are that flow" -Tide Bringer saying

The Tide Bringers are the second chapter founded in LOA. They are the second chapter of first four prime chapters. Their patrons are Poseidon/Neptune, God of the sea and Rhea/Anesta, Goddess of Heroes and Protection. There are a very unqie chapter as many soilders do not fight with any weapons at all. They are the masters of martial art. The demigods of the chapter have the best power training then any of the prime chapters. They have a deep sence of inner peace and justice.

Chapter Recruitment/TrainingEdit

Like all other chapters they inlist the recruits at very young ages. The only demigods allowed in the chapter are children of Poseidon/Neptune and Rhea/Anesta. The only breed dragons of blue but do also have quite a few Hippocampi.

They have a very demanding training regime for their demigods that turns them into mastres of water, ice, storms etc.. All soilders are masters in many forms of martial arts. They rarely use actual weapons and when they do it is usually a wrist mounted gun or hidden blades.

Chapter OrganizationEdit

The Tide bringers follow the basic LOA chapter format with some minor modifucations to weapon loadouts. Basic squads use wrist mounted machine guns, hydro cannons and launchers. Combat squads usually carry wrist blades. The Dragon riders of this chapter are very aquatic and often fight underwater.

Chapter AppearanceEdit

Tide Bringers are always blue in all it's shades. Whole companies are known to colour only a certian shade. Their symbol is a golden trident.


  • Posiedon's Travel:


Chapter Combat DoctrineEdit

The Tide Bringers fight in fast, unpredictable attacks, much like a storm from the ocean. They rarely use actual weapons and perfer their natural talets and martial arts. The few weapons that they actual use are wrist mounted weapons.

They are rarely deployed for full front on combat. That kind of war is more meant for Stone Breakers and Heat Bringers. They only deploy in hostage rescues, urban combat and other close ranged combat.

They are unmatched in aquatic combat and naval landings. They rarely use vehciles and use their blessings for travel.

Chapter BeliefsEdit

Chapter HistoryEdit


Notable MembersEdit

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