A docking craft.


The ship is made of Stygium and has armor made of hexagonal stell plates each with a spike, all made of Oceanic Steel. Its closed hull gives the crew and troops its carrying great amounts of protections. The engine room has a rechargable electric engin that powers dual wheels. On each side of the ship is dual core lazer cannon.

In the front of the ship is a large metal docking device called a corvus. When the dock is released it attaches itself to another ship via the large claws at the end of the corvus. Troops may then attack the crew of other ships.


It's design is good for ramming enemy ships, blasting it with it's cannon, then useing it's corvus to get the troops onto the enemy ship. It can dock a ship that is twice it's size.


It was based off of the acient Korean Turtal ship mixed with the technology of GAO and the Roman Corvus.

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