Truenames are the secret names of everything in existence. They are kind of like one's ID, but more special, more weird, and more powerful.

What Are Truenames?Edit

Truenames are the special names given to every thing, creature, or person, who exists. There is a truename for Zeus, for screaming invading orc army mounted on giant wolves, for raging demigod ally with a stygian iron hell-forged longsword, and for about anything else you can think of! Truenames sound like a lot of gibberish, but their effects, if pronounced well and used by the right person, can be desastrous.

Who can use Truenames?Edit

Truenames can be used by a select few people: some magicians, childs of magic deities, childs of Ptah (the actual Egyptian god of truenames), the Disciples of the Word, and some more. Truenamers (as they are called) are more rare than runecasters, binders, or even noctumancers. Elf magic focuses on truenames, and indeed, every elf knows his or her personal truename at birth (though they'll surely never tell you).

Using TruenamesEdit

To use a truename, you need to speak it aloud. The truenames will alter the fabric of the universe directly, resulting in a killed enemy, an earthquake, a revived ally, or the like. Magically silencing someone does not stop the power of truenaming, for you need not hear the truenames to feel their power.

Example Truenames (just to give you the feeling)Edit

  • gremeneth’hradoshikell: sword
  • yichtho’pratanuul-khadaash: sharpen
  • hrudokkelenthé: human