Typhon is the worst enemy the gods have ever faced. He is the son of Gaia and is fathered by Tartarus (who used to be a monster). Typhon was known as the Father of all monsters; his wife Echidna was likewise the Mother of all monsters.

Typhon may be derived from the Greek τύφειν (typhein), to smoke, hence it is considered to be a possible etymology for the word typhoon, supposedly borrowed by the Persians (as طوفانTufân) and Arabs to describe the cyclonic storms of the Indian Ocean.


Old DaysEdit

Second Titan warEdit

He has was trapped under mount etna until the second titan war when he fought with the titans. Typhon was a cruciel part fo the great war. The Greeks also frequently represented him as a storm-daemon, especially in the version where he stole Zeus's thunderbolts and wrecked the earth with storms. Typhon is also famous for fighting in the great war when Poseidon defeated him.

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